Just Stay calm! Cause Clay.


Guys stay calm! You can put your panic down because Clay. 

Before last Thursday, I had never really listened to Clay. That was until they supported High Tyde in Glasgow and i’m not going to lie, I was somewhat (MASSIVELY) impressed.  So I have come to tell you can put your “I need new music” panic down, it’s ok, i’ve just found your new favourite band.

Now for those who are uninformed about the band and their music stylings, Clay are a 4 piece indie band from Leeds made up of Joe Harvey, Jack Harvey, Rob Gration and Danny Armitage. To be full on truthful, I wasn’t too sure about the band when they first came on stage. This could have been due to the fact they were burning incense all the way through their set (Not a fan of incense, soz) or all the different kinds of hair stylage happening or them tartan trousers. However, when they cracked out their brand spanking new single “Stay Calm“, I was not calm as it dawned on me that the song is a TUNE and Clay are a fucking class band. The song is a loud, riff driven number that I can guarantee you will have on repeat for a good while. (Seriously, it’s been awhile since I listened to another song) They are exceptional live, performing an energetic, edgy set that you can’t look away from. Clay definitely get a crowd going.

So naturally with their songwriting skills and stage presence, we’ll be seeing them playing bigger stages pretty soon, and if you choose to ignore this post and not listen to them, well no doubt you’ll be hearing them everywhere soon anyway! So indie nerds, do it, listen to them, secure your future bragging rights that you heard them before everybody else. Just do it.

If you’re a scottish Clay fan, good news! The band will be up north playing King Tuts on the 2nd July for This Feeling’s Club Night! Feel free to come join us in a Glasgow all night partay afterwards. #garage

P.s Sorry Clay for taking nearly all of your stickers when you were in Glasgow. For some reason I felt the need to hoard stickers that evening but at least their plastered everywhere between Glasgow and Perth.  I’ll leave you stickers alone next time.



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