Rebel Westerns – Nightdrive


So Rebel Westerns have a new single. ‘Nightdrive’ is here lads….

So the Edinburgh based band formed back in 2013, during their time they have left a trail of success behind them, as they have made their way around Scotland, winning over fans with their uplifting live performances and the boss releases that they keep putting out.

‘Nightdrive’ is the bands new single and you’re sure to love it. With the songs breezy feel and summer sound, Rebel Westerns individuality really shines through. The single will definitely make you excited for future releases that Rebel Westerns have. You can almost imagine yourself in a vintage car with this song playing on the radio, driving through sunny far away places. It really is a feel good anthem. The Indie-Pop band are destined for a global career as there sound is loveable for fans across the board, for a band described as ‘pop’ you really can’t tell, this song does not conform to any earlier perceived stereotypes of the genre. Rebel Westerns have knocked it out of the park with this absolute scorcher of a tune.


Get it downloaded guy’s you seriously won’t regret it….

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