I’m Feeling Young


You’ve not heard of Jaymes Young? Well you should check him out, I’ll give you a helping hand…


Jaymes young is an incredibly talented singer, originally hailing from the US of A, who strangely doesn’t seem to have hit his moment of glory and I’ll tell you – I don’t know why, he is absolutely great. It’s not just me that thinks so either, London Grammar have been heard singing his praises and in fact, he toured with them when he first signed to Atlantic Records in 2013. On top of that he has also opened for Vance Joy and was featured on David Guetta’s album alongside the one and only Birdy. Eek! If you like relaxed, low key music, you will like Jayme Young – he has a lot of stuff on the Suicide Sheep YouTube channel, so if that’s your thing, you have no excuse not to listen to him.

I personally am in love with his song ‘I’ll Be Good’. It’s a good chilled song for an after-party to cool everything down. In ‘I’ll Be Good’ Young sings about making up for all the times where he wasn’t his best self basically, and within the music video for the song he embodies the  message put across in the song. It represents how through our lives we can hurt ourselves and others but also shows how forgiving ourselves can help heal and lead to a kind of re-birth, of you will. Anyway, it’s a really, really nice piece. The point is put across just enough to give you the message while the vocals just give it a real lift, all in all it’s a powerful song without being too in your face about it – which I think is probably what I like the most about it, it isn’t pushy.

As I mentioned before, Jaymes and Birdy performed ‘I’ll Keep Loving You’ together on David Guetta’s album ‘Listen’. However, the two beauties, Birdy and Young, have collaborated before. Anyone familiar with that film called, ‘Fault In Our Stars’? You know that really small, not very well-known movie? Yup, my two wee babes did an amazing duet for the soundtrack. The song ‘Best Shot’ sadly didn’t make it into the actual film however it has been put on as a bonus track in later releases.


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