You Should Probably Know (How to) Swimm



You might know how to swim, but do you know how to Swimm? 

I have these magical musical discoveries every now and then, and a great band called Swimm are my latest little discovery.  This fantastic duo, who are based in California, last released music back in August, so it’s definitely time we finally featured them. Members Chris Hess and Adam Winn formed Swimm and for music’s sake thank god they did. Now if you’re from anywhere other than ‘Merica, it’s unlikely up until now that you’ve ever heard of Swimm or their music. Well, this post right here will hopefully change that for a number of people. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of background information on these guys on the Internet (I mean as vast as the Internet is, I cannot find much.  Or maybe I have simply not delved deep enough into the mysterious ocean that is the web because train wifi is quite unfabulous.)  Anyway lack of info need not stop us in the discussion of Swimm’s glorious music.

Let’s discuss their latest release, Beverly Hells – EP. The EP is a collection of songs ranging from fast paced, catchy singles to dreamy, spaced out road trip music. All of which contain funky guitar and driven drum parts which make it an interesting, spectacular listen.  The song that stands out the most off the EP is one called Belly. It’s a radio friendly, upbeat number that could get almost anyone dancing and singing along! (Well at least a tempo inspired head nod for the more composed). This has been my favourite jam for a wee while now and no doubt will remain my top tune for some time to come.

The most captivating composition from Beverly Hells is Suddenly. The song starts off as a light acoustic number which flows into a Tame-Impala- esque, psychedelic breakdown which then progresses into a slightly heavier sound with more complex guitar and drum parts. The contrast of the different section brings an element of surprise to the song and makes it that little more interesting to listen to. Another song that stands out is All The Time.  Much like Belly, the song is upbeat and sing-a-long friendly and obviously worth a listen! So here’s the unusual and slightly freaky video for it!

So maybe after a couple listens to the band, you are patiently waiting for them to Swim(m) on over to Scotland/UK to give us a sing-song. (You don’t literally need to swim here guys, a plane or pegasus is ok) But maybe in the future it may just happen! Personally, I don’t mind saving up my pennys to travel to cali to watch them perform. It would be nice to experience a Swimm live show and sunshine. Both rare events in Scotland.

Anyhow, I hope I’ve managed to convince you to go forth and know (how to) Swimm. You can find them on all the websites listed below:


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