New Music Friday! Good Tunes, Good Times…

Your weekly dose of brand new greatness is here. Here’s a couple of tunes released this week that we just can’t get enough of!

Frightened Rabbit – I Wish I Was Sober –


Frightened Rabbit have done it again, the lovely, lovely bastards that they are. A combination or sweet melody lines, deep lyrics and guitar tracks written by reincarnated Jesus himself. I really love this one, even though I’ve not listened to much FR in my time, I’m glad I started with this one.

Listen hereCheck out the full album (Painting of a Panic Attack) here.

– The Lumineers – Sleep on the Floor – 


It’s exactly what we wanted to hear from The Lumineers, and a wee bit more. This song has got lovely vibes, v chill v cool v swag. But seriously, it’s a banger guys. A proper singalong anthem, I wouldn’t be surprised if some dude in his bedroom hasn’t already remixed it into a banging house beat. Big love to The Lumineers x x

Listen to the song here. And the full album (Cleopatra) here.


Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd – 


I am feeling 120% better after hearing this one folks. You know that feeling you get when you see the waiter coming out the kitchen with your food? That’s the exact same feeling Mr Odell will give you with his new tune. It’s different to his older stuff, but we like this. It’s very catchy, so prepare for a new earworm! Thanks Tom, we love you.

Listen to Wrong Crowd here. There’s no album yet, but you can pre-order it here!!


Eliza and the Bear – Where Have You Been – 


If you’ve not heard this song yet then where have you been?? It’s fab. I am so ready for the summer after hearing this. I wanna be in a field, covered in daisies, listening to this song over and over. Obviously make sure you take your antihistamines first because we don’t want hayfever ruining your vibes bro. We absolutely love Eliza and the Bear and we think you should too. Nothing but good feelings and good vibes all round.

Listen to the song here. And their brand new album here.


Peace and Love,



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