Albums to Get Excited About!


So I thought I would give you guys a post about what albums are still to be released this year and why you should be excited about them….

So first up is Catfish And The Bottlemen – The Ride. The album is due to be released on May 27th. The band bagged themselves a hefty sized fan base when they dropped their début album ‘The Balcony’. Catfish have stated, much to fans excitement, that their new album follows in their début albums footsteps. The band are currently making their way around the UK on a headline tour and are seeing huge success from all of their endeavours, with their current tour being extremely popular and making fans excited for the bands future projects. Personally I feel that the album will get a more than positive reaction from critics and fans alike.


Next up is Lady Gaga. I cannot contain my excitement for this, although she has remained rather quiet about the details of the album. Although she has, in true Gaga style, confirmed that there is an album, at this years Golden Globes, when she stated that she knows we know shes putting out an album this year but she just wont tell us when. Her career has gone from strength to strength, even after her 2013 album ‘Artpop’ received media and fan backlash and was deemed to be one of her weaker albums. Although following her absolutely stunning performance in American Horror Story, Gaga is back on true top form. Shes created significant media and fan hype around her mystery album and I have a good feeling about the album itself


So to me this is kinda a super surprising one but Fergie is back guy’s, yep you read that correctly. The album name hasn’t totally been confirmed yet but ‘Double Dutchess’ is its current title and it does not have a confirmed release date yet. The new album is rumoured to be the follow up to her now 10 year old début album ‘The Dutchess’ and she has a lot to follow on from as her début album has reportedly sold 8 million worldwide. Back in 2011, the world learned that her other musical project The Black Eyed Peas would be taking an imminent break as Fergie wanted to focus on family life but with the news of a new album, could this mean that The Black Eyed Peas have something in the works also.


So we also have new music from Drake coming this year, the album is called ‘Views From The Six’ and we can apparently expect it this month, although there is still no set date so it could end up getting changed. Drake has recently signed to the English Independent Label and Grime Collective, Boy Better Know, owned by Skepta and Jme, this has left fans and the media, intrigued as to what Drake has in-store for his new album. His past three albums have seen him shoot to the top of the charts as well as getting an indescribable amount of hype generated around them, so I’m guessing that the same thing will be happening with this one.


We also have new music finally coming from British band Bastille. The album comes as a follow up to their début album ‘Bad Blood’ which was released back in 2013. Although there are no further details on the album as of yet, it has been estimated that the album will be dropped at some point this year. The band announced the new album on instagram, with a picture of sheet music, bearing the caption ‘LP2’, they also stated that they are worried it will be rubbish. So don’t panic lads I’m sure it will be awesome, just like your first album.


This is not a drill guy’s, the queen is returning, I repeat the queen is returning. So rumours have been circulating on the internet since Beyonce dropped her new single ‘Formation’ prior to her performance at the super bowl 50 half time show. As well as this she has also scheduled a full arena tour to take place from July in the UK as well as a US tour to follow. So fans feel that all signs are pointing towards a brand new album from Queen Bey. The internet has been in a complete meltdown since the free single was made available to download and we are all hopeful that there will be an album to follow.


Lastly we have Britney Spears, her ninth studio album is expected to grace us people in the earlier half of this year. Compared to her now two year old album, ‘Britney Jean’ which fans feel was incredibly rushed and not a true representation of the artist’s talent. Brtiney has stated in a recent interview that this album is her baby and she will take all the time she needs to make sure its perfect. So don’t hold your breath for an on time release because you may die first. I have high hopes for it though, Britney has been making a strong positive comeback as of late.


Thank you for reading my post

Kitt x


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