PVRIS – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 04/04/16


So I thought I would give you guys a quick run down of Pvris’ performance on Monday just passed.

K.flay was kinda the main support act and personally I think that she brings a certain air of uniqueness to her performances. She definitely is diverse and has her own completely original style, she’s not your usual run of the mill female performer . Her rapping and softly spoken approach to singing really do set her miles apart from other performers. She’s quirky and loveable and that really shines through with her stage presence. All in all she put on a solid performance and her songs breezily flowed into one and other. So if you quite like artists in the genre and style of Lights then I would definitely say K.flay is for you.

Now onto Pvris and what a performance they put on, they were truly a spectacle. Lynn Gunn’s stage manner is something else, she’s a strong leading woman and her energy can’t be matched. I would say she’s a force to be reckoned with. The strength of her voice is unimaginable and she puts raw power and a true amount of feelings into every word she sings on stage. Each song easily followed into the next, with the crowd getting more and more hyped with every song that was played. Pvris are definitely going places that’s for sure. Their first headline tour of the UK is already showing to be a huge success, with them destined for a worldwide renowned career. Due to their relatable lyrics and the personal connection they have with fans through everything that they do. The lighting was subtle for each song played and really added to the performance, with it almost giving the songs more depth and meaning. The more slower acoustic songs were played beautifully and you really got to see the range that Lynn has with her voice, the crowd sang along word for word and you could see that the lyrics emotionally hit home with some people. They finished with ‘My House’ and the crowd (especially me) loved every minute of it. Everyone was screaming the lyrics and the whole crowd jumped and dance to the song. So the end of their set came and everyone had to be in awe of the performance that they put on. So I would without a doubt recommend for anyone to see them live if they get the chance to.

I will leave you with a live performance from Warped Tour to hopefully give you an insight into how amazing their performances are…

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