A Roar of Applause for Aurora


YouTube has become an essential tool over this past year, allowing me to explore the deeper layers of music that are just waiting to be discovered. Hidden underneath all the hundreds and thousands of Buzzfeed videos there are, I’ve been able to mine a few gems. One of these treasures that was dug up is Aurora. She has such a beautiful voice, it’s hard not to become transfixed when she starts singing. I know I’m a bit late on the bandwagon but her songs are so amazing, they have to be written about.

The blonde bombshell that is Aurora. What can I say?.. Other than that I am insanely jealous of her. Entirely and completely. Not only is she only 19, she had her first single out in 2012 meaning she was 15 when it debuted?! On top of this, English isn’t even her first language, she’s Norwegian. She’s a girl that has an amazing voice, has chart topping success, backing from major stars like Katy Perry and she’s not even left her teens. That is so impressive. It might not seem like that much of a big deal to many, but when you look at your own life and compare it- I mean I am only a year younger than her, animals hide when I sing and I can barely cope with English!

The piece of music that trapped me was ‘Running With The Wolves’, it was released last April and was picked up quite heavily by the BBC being played on Radio One, Radio Two and 6Music. Perhaps that’s why I latched onto this song, maybe I’ve heard it without listening and actually being able to put a face to the name, so to speak, has helped me appreciate it. This song has a great impact to it, it strikes you pretty hard with a catchy chorus- it reminds me a little of Sia. It’s no wonder this song helped propel her into the ‘One’s to Watch’ pages of The Guardian and the Independent.

She was also picked by John Lewis to perform for their Christmas advert this year doing a cover of the Oasis song ‘Half the World Away’ for the #ManOnTheMoon campaign. Which as you can imagine – if you can’t remember 4 months ago- is a soft, delicate cover. Not surprisingly similar to Lily Allen’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ cover the year previously. Aurora carried on that soft sound from her third single ‘Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)’ released in September ’15. Exactly as cheery as it sounds, quite a simple song in terms of lyrics structure-wise, nothing that complex, but the music and the meaning is something else.

She has just released ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’, her debut studio album, in January and has very, very recently followed it up with a brand new release – ‘The Conqueror’ – which is stunning


Zoe xoxo

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