Newton Faulkner -o2 ABC, Glasgow – 03/04/16

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Newton Faulkner live a couple times now and he blows me away every single time! 

Unfortunately, we arrived at the venue a little late to catch the first support act, James Gillespie. We missed him by literal moments. However we did catch the second support I See Rivers. They are a group of 3 exceptionally talented girls from Norway. Their music can only be described as dreamy and their live show almost mesmerises you.

After Newton’s complete change of appearance (GOODBYE DREADS, FAREWELL) and sound on his latest album Human Love, he has decided after all the years of performing solo, to have friends accompany him on stage. The band are made up of 2 musicians called Toby, one of them his brother, who are just as charismatic as Newton himself. Newton kicked of the set solo and the band joined him later.

Newton Faulkner is an absolutely incredible musician and performer. Watching him play guitar is fascinating as he makes complex techniques look SO easy. Also his voice is gorgeous which means the performance leaves you in complete awe. Again, like at Wolf Alice, I almost didn’t feel worthy of this experience.(GUYS ITS PHENOMENAL) Not only is he a top notch guitar player, he also has a brilliant sense of humour. Never failing to make the audience laugh by telling hilarious tales and just by being fabulous. Also, the way he reacts with the audience and how he gets the audience involved in his sets is something all musicians should learn from.

At every single Newton Faulkner gig i’ve ever been to, the audience have always been putty in his hands, singing along loudly, dancing and jumping when he asks them to and the applause is almost endless after every song. For a few songs in the set, Newton split the crowd into sections and gave them parts to sing. It was amazing as everyone sang different parts to create something that sounded nothing other than spectacular. GOOSEBUMPS. Here’s a couple of examples of the crowds, because there’s way too many to pick one.

Throughout the night Newton played songs from all his albums. He even covered Sorry by Justin Bieber with the Tobys playing along on a instrument known as, a couple of glass bottles taped together. The only thing I was disappointed about was he didn’t play Get Free. But apart from that it’s my favourite gig to date. You need to go see Newton Faulkner.



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