Out of music? Fret not!

I am in love. Guys, this is not like my usual whirlwind weekly romance – this is the real deal. Fair enough I’m still head over heels in adoration of all the previous bands I’ve written about but it’s all cool, I still listen to them on occasion, they understand I have an open relationship with music. But honestly after only one song I was hooked, like a fat kid with chocolate only without the risk of diabetes. These guys were featured on our March playlist which you can catch on Spotify, but if you’ve listened already then you’ll have heard the absolute beauty that is Seafret.

The duo released their first EP in 2014 called ‘Give Me Something’. The song itself, ‘Give Me Something’, while good as a track to kind of put themselves out there, create some exposure is not my favourite off the bundle of 5. It’s a decent song to get you into them, it kind of lures you in but the rest of their music- even just off the EP- seems much more complex. The other songs are really the ones that dig their claws in, and they dig them in deep. ‘Explosion’ is my personal favourite from the group.

My very first encounter with Seafret was through YouTube’s autoplay feature. I was listening to Freedom Fry (another fabulous band) at the time when the gods that be decided to play me ‘Oceans’ – a true stunner of a song. I’m talking if you saw this song in the street you would do a double take at its pure gorgeousness! Not only is the actual music itself fabulous, if you do check out the video it stars the one and only Game of Throne’s favourite, Maisy Williams. I mean, come on guys, if Maisy Will.I.Ams is involved then it will be amazing- have you not seen Cyberbu//y?

Just as another wee cheeky video for you, check out ‘Atlantis’, probably my second favourite song by the pair. The video does very much remind me of Where The Wild Things Are, so much so that I genuinely had to google and see whether or not, Seafret took part in the movie soundtrack.

Sadly though Tumblr won’t let me put the videos within the post so I’ve hyperlinked them into the titles, hopefully they work. Fingers crossed.

I am very, very green to these guys, I only found them the other week and had no idea just how established they were but I have discovered the only two things I need to know about them;
1) the singer (Jack Sedman) has an amazing voice both live and recorded, though to be honest, I prefer to listen to the boys live sessions as Jack’s voice has a much more raw quality to it without losing the sound we know him for in the studio
2) even better he has an awesome ginger afro, or gafro if you will

Of course we can’t forget about little Harry Draper who without, we would not have those amazing guitar pieces which pull the songs together and wrap them in a nice wee bow.

If you have liked what you’ve heard so far, the debut album was only released in February with the likes of ‘Atlantis’ on the track listing, it’s called ‘Tell Me It’s Real’ and has a lovely piece of music by the same name which is another chill tune. It reminds me slightly of Adele just in the way that it’s quite a laid back song that you can 110% belt the words along to.

As always thank you for reading the ramble, it means a lot!
Zoe xoxo

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