The 1975 – O2 Academy, Glasgow – 17/03/16


So last Thursday seen Lauren, Phoebe and I take on the O2 Academy, in Glasgow for night 1 of 4 for The 1975 ( yes you read that right night 1 of 4) They kicked off their Glasgow leg of the tour perfectly. Playing not only old and well loved songs, but songs that are new and will soon be well loved by fans around the globe.


I’ve always had a soft spot in my music collection for The 1975 so I jumped at the chance to see them! I’ve seen them once before at The BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend back in 2014. Which was nothing compared to how they were last Thursday. Seeing them from a festival perspective to then a smaller venue perspective with the most beloved fans changes the whole scene of the gig. It was a more chilled out vibe compared to the standing in a field all day. 

I personally loved the feel of the whole gig. Not only was it because it was St Patrick’s Day and most people at the gig were Wither drunk and/or dressed in some sort of ridiculous St Paddy’s Day costumes(yes guy with the glow sticks around your glasses we are taking about you). I loved how they played all the old songs going from “sex” and “girls” to then new songs like “the sound” and “love me”. You could tell that everyone in the room was happy to be there. (Especially the guy on the top left of the balcony, yes we saw you. You were a highlight of our night, you precious thing)

Now I have to say my absolute favourite performance of the night had to be any song that included the saxophone player (if you see this hit Lauren up yo). His saxophone skills were literally just amazing and it made the song what it was! Obviously I loved the general songs that everyone at the gig would’ve loved too but out of all the songs played (which was a lot btw) id say by far “Love Me”. Not only did the crowd enjoy it but Matt and the gang looked as though they enjoyed performing one of their newer songs for everyone!
So if you have the time and money I’d highly recommend going to see The 1975. I’ve said this to many people over the past week but it has seriously been my favourite gif of 2016 so far. It has surpassed all my expectations in a 1975 gig. It was just splendid! 

So thanks so much for reading!! 


Amy xo 

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