It’s that time of year again folks, SXSW is drawing to a close. But before we say goodbye to the new, fresh and kinda weird acts from the biggest new music festival in the universe, here’s the low-down on the 2016 talent.

AlunaGeorge – 


AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London, consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals and songwriting) and George Reid (production and instrumentation.) They rose to fame in 2013 due to recognition by the BBC and The Brit Awards, and a collaboration with Disclosure. Since then they’ve signed to Interscope Records. Their next album is due out on the 29th of April so keep an eye out for that one! You can check out their SXSW performances HERE courtesy of EQ Music.

Kloe – 


The 19 year old superstar from Glasgow is definitely one of Club Decode’s favourite SXSW showcase artists this year! She began songwriting at 16 with musical influences such as the great queen T Swift, but later developed her writing style more to the likes of The Weeknd and Lorde. She has practically sky rocketed her career, getting herself signed onto Columbia/I AM SOUND. With releases such as Touch who wouldn’t sign her though..?! She has recently released her EP ‘Teenage Craze’ in February this year. You can get it HERE. If you like her stuff you can catch her at The Secret Garden Party on 21/06/16.

Trevor Sensor – 


I added this cool-cat to the list after hearing a short interview and session on BBC Radio 1. His unique vocals and old skool country/jake bugg-esque style of music caught my attention. I can’t put my finger on it, he’s got something I think the popular music scene is lacking nowadays, I’ll get back to you when I figure out what this is… There isn’t much information about Trev on the internet so I can’t provide you folks with a short bio. But what I can do is give you links to his music, it’s good shit I pinky promise.

Texas Girls & Jesus Christ

The Reaper Man

Villains & Preachers 

Other honourable mentions include:

Bird Dog, Fickle Friends, White Denim, Bloc Party, 

BØRNS, Capsula, Crystal Castles, Everything Everything, The Gooch Palms & OH Wonder.

If you like your music new, fresh and kinda weird then I implore you to check these mentioned artists out. SXSW if one of the best opportunities for upcoming artists to get their foot in the door. It’s a chance to get signed, get radio coverage from countries around the world, and also a chance to go to Texas and get drunk… But it’s thanks to festivals like this that we have acts such as Florence and the Machine, Miguel, John Mayer, The White Stripes and so many more. So thank you to the folks at SXSW for restoring faith in modern music, we love you.


Phoebe @ Club Decode , signing off x

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