Wolf Alice @ Barrowlands, Glasgow – 16/03/16


On Wednesday I headed to Barrowlands in Glasgow to witness Wolf Alice perform an unbelievable set. I was not worthy. 

Before we get into talking about the magical performance from Wolf Alice, we should talk about the support acts. The band were supported by Bloody Knees and Swim Deep. After seeing Bloody Knees support Circa Waves back in 2014, they’ve been one of my favourite upcoming bands. The band have definitely come on leaps and bounds since then, both in their live performance and music. Bloody Knees put on a lively, enthusiastic live show with lots of hair and headbanging (AND I MEAN LOTS. LIKE OMG, THERE’S SO MUCH). I’m guessing from the bands social media there will be new music from them coming soon. From Wednesday, I can say the new songs are very promising and the guys sound better than ever. Keep an eye out for them!

We move on to Swim Deep. To be honest, I have no words for the scenes that went into my eyeballs and ears. I’m not going to lie the songs sounded pretty good, however the visual is what I was taken back by. I think I spent their whole set in awe/shock/horror/i don’t even know. There was so many fancy clothes, haircuts and diabolical dance moves that I couldn’t deal. I’m sorry Swim Deep, I will learn to deal next time.

(pic. Bloody Knees)


Wolf Alice opened up their set with Your Loves Whore. Everyone was screaming along to their songs from the moment they walked on stage paired with a Wolf Alice chant, the atmosphere was insane. A lot of songs had people cracking out the best possible shapes you can cut whilst confided to a small space and wedged in between your fellow gig goers. A few songs that stood out were You’re a Germ, Moaning Lisa Smile and of course Giant Peach. You’re A Germ was definitely the song of the evening, the lighting effects paired with the hype of the song had me in complete awe. It was from that point on I no longer felt worthy of their presence (seriously). I was very close to reenacting the we’re not worthy scene from Wayne’s World. In terms of live performance, Wolf Alice are up there with the best of them. Especially whilst performing songs from My Love Is Cool. They showcased their musicianship perfectly.

All I can say is I was completely blown away! The next time they venture across the border, i’ll be sure to have tickets! Check out the gruesome, yet entertaining video for You’re A Germ below.

Lauren x

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