Pretty Im‘press’ive Right?



Hey guys, I’m back and I’m a lot less sedated than last time glad to say haha! You will all be happy to hear I have another scorcher for your beautiful ear holes – yay – and it comes from a band called Press to MECO.

For those who don’t know PTM, they are a three piece from Croydon, England that create pop punk-y, rock alternative-y, A+ music. At least in my opinion anyway. I was introduced to these lads by a guy in halls who had recently been to see them in concert in Glasgow when they were up. I saw him quite a while after the concert (around two weeks after) and he was still riding the high- they are that good! If you have any question about what kind of music they play, YouTube put them and Enter Shikari in the same playlist, so you’ll really like them if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

My personal favourite from the limited time I’ve been listening to them would have to be ‘Affinity’. It was the first song that I was shown from them – not including concert footage – and I honestly don’t know why I like this one so much more than the rest because each track is as good as the last but to me it just stands out. It could be something to do with the fact that that was the first piece I heard from them, it could also be the awesome guitars and amazing vocals from the group. It’s a bit heavier than the other songs a mon avis, for example, when you listen to ‘Honestly’ it has a much softer introduction. Honestly check it out, I’ll leave the utter beauty that is ‘Affinity’ here…

Their latest song ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ was released on the 25th of January, so a little while ago but not too long. And for those dog-lovers among us you will love the video.. Ugh the floofles!! To be honest I don’t really see the artistic, deeper meaning behind this video – then again there might not be one, after all the dogs are so cute that they are artistry all by themselves. I can’t get enough of the song however, it’s that way that I’ve listened to it so often that I can’t even think about how to describe it.

It has honestly been on repeat all weekend while I’ve been writing this and every time I sit down to purely analyse the video I am constantly distracted by the pups – have you ever seen ‘Up’? Yeah? Well every time it’s like fecking SQUIRREL!

PTM do have an album out called Good Intent which I have borrowed several times to listen to while driving home – ‘Ghost’ is a personal favourite of mine, it may be the shortest track on the album but sometimes the best thing come in small packages. PTM have their tracks available to listen to on Soundcloud so I’ll leave that link down below.

Thanks for reading the ramble and I really do hope that you check the guys out, they are pretty awesome. (and also thanks to Lauren for switching days 🙂 )

Zoe xoxo

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