Five Reasons Why You Should Love Twenty One Pilots


So after long thought on what I should write
today, I have decided to write about one of my favourite bands at the moment.


5. They’ve worked hard to get where they are now….

With their motto being to put on shows that you won’t
forget and that will grab your attention, it’s no wonder that in the years
since 2009, the band have seen their crowds go from no more than twelve people
to between five and ten thousand. Their most recent 2016 UK Tour, sold out
every venue and with Festivals lined up like Reading and Leeds, Lollapalooza
and prestigious venues such as Madison Square Gardens, New York. It’s no
surprise that the band now have a strong and loyal fan following, with just
short of two million likes on Facebook and a fan base so dedicated that they
call themselves the Skeleton Clique.


4. One genre label can’t be used to describe the band’s

Their music mixes many different styles from across
different genres into one boss ass recording for you lovely people to listen
to. From Alternative to Rap, Indie to Reggae and Rock to Pop, this band create
a one of kind sound. With their relatable lyrics, sing along choruses and Tyler
Josephs unique voice, other bands don’t even come close to being on par with
Twenty One Pilots.


3. The Creativeness Of Their Music Videos….

Their intriguing personalities definitely shine
through all of the things that they do, especially the ideas behind their music videos. With quirky and creative
moments throughout each video, the videos themselves become just as interesting
as the single you went looking for originally. The videos are colourful and
highly entertaining with pressing points highlighted throughout each one. This band
truly know how to keep things interesting, with a completely different idea
behind each video, it’s extremely hard to get bored of this band.


2. They Tackle Important Topics

Josh and Tyler are true inspirations to their fans,
throughout all of their releases the band have wrote about pressing issues that
need more awareness raised around them. With their recent BlurryFace album
being written by Tyler about his Self-Doubt and Anxiety, this helped shed huge light
on the issues and made people more aware of their existence. As well as this
the album tackles other personal battles that people suffer on a daily basis, this can be seen as a common theme throughout all of their previous releases as most of
them tackle one issue or another as Tyler can be seen as a lyrical genius.


1. They Put On Boss Ass Live Shows That No One Can Match

Both Tyler and Josh put an energy into their
performances that cannot be matched by any other bands. Their shows are truly a
spectacle to watch, just with Tylers dancing, I don’t know how they keep it up
for the full set. But no these guys just absolutely go for it, with back flips,
Josh riding the crowd on a board with his drum kit, throwing themselves about the stage or scaling the venue. There is no end to this bands craziness during shows and the fans definitely love it, with continued sold out shows and ever growing loyal fan base. 

This band are truly amazing and I love them. Thank you for reading my post guy’s…. ❤

Kitt xx

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