Indigo Velvet – Easy Love


Today our favorite tropical pop band, Indigo Velvet dropped a new song and unsurprisingly it’s our new favourite tune. You could say it’s a tune that’s easy to love. 

This morning Indigo Velvet shared their new single Easy Love with the world and honestly it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been dancing to this song since it’s debut on Clash (AYE CLASH. THESE EDINBURGH BOYS ARE GOING PLACES) and I can guarantee we’ll probably have it on repeat for a good 72 hours, possibly longer. We were fortunate enough to catch the boys live alongside Fickle Friends and Monogram last week and we can tell you now, Easy Love sounds just as class live as it does in your earphones. It definitely had us dancing. (Sincerest apologies to anyone who caught our Lauren whipping to this song. It was unsightly we know. But that just goes to show how good the song is.)

Earlier we managed to get some info from Indigo Velvet on releasing Easy Love: “

At the moment it’s that single we’ve been sitting on for months and ideally it’s that song that sets us up for festival season, it’s a proper fun song to play and goes down live so we spontaneously thought we’ll put it up at the start of the week”

We do agree with the boys in just going for it and releasing the song. If you’ve got a song with a bass track that strong, you need to get it the people. Not only do we appreciate the bass line itself but also how tight the bass and drums go together. Fellow music makers, that’s exactly how it should be done! Alongside the top class guitar parts and melodies the band are known for, Easy Love is an absolute cracker.

Easy Love will be available to stream/buy in the next couple of weeks!  Also there may even be a music video for the song heading your way soon. So keep your eyes peeled. AND there may or may not be another single coming out in the next couple of months. You’ll just have to wait and see!

If you want to catch Indigo Velvet live (10/10 would see again), they’ll be supporting Kelvin at Oran Mor in Glasgow on the 9th April. Or if you’re in Edinburgh, you can see them at The Big Discovery festival on Saturday 23rd of April where they’ll be playing The Mash House. You never know, we might even be covering The Big Discovery Festival here on Club Decode. We may even be backstage all day, but we’re totally not giving anything away.


Listen to Easy Love on Soundcloud, the link is at the top of this article xx


Club Decode xxxx

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