Monogram @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 29/02/16


So on Monday, we as a collective of
drunken bloggers, went to see Indigo
Velvet, Fickle Friends
and Monogram at
the Electric Circus, Edinburgh. Now
I’d like to apologise for anyone that may have seen 4 drunken teenage girls,
who can’t dance and who definitely know how to make a fool of one’s self.

Now I’m here to talk about Monogram. Some of the other girls in Club Decode, will be giving you a
review on the other two bands hopefully later this week/ early next week, so I suggest
you stay tuned!!

Now this is the first time I’ve seen Monogram live. I had the pleasure of
hearing them a while back and I enjoyed them greatly!! I really like that fact
that 2 boys can create such music!! I really like the genre of their music its
post-pop and it works really well for them! My personal favourite song by them
is Anno, give it a listen, you won’t
regret it!!

Now I compared them to the likes of Bastille, purely on the fact of their
set up. I personally love Bastille,
which made it a lot easier for me to love Monogram
also. They had catchy tunes, great vocals and had the stage presence that an audience
hopes for in a gig!

For only having the two band members
they seem to work really really well together! They know how to fill the whole
stage, they are purely there for the music and the fans of the music! There is
nothing anyone else wants from a gig, even if it’s the fans or the band
themselves, they just want everyone to have fun, Monogram, most definitely brought the fun! Since I don’t have any
video footage of the gig, I’m just going to add in another one of my favourite
songs which is Romance

If anyone has the time, tonight, I recommend
going to see Monogram! They are the
support act for Fickle Friends at King Tuts tonight in Glasgow. You can either buy tickets for
the event or I’m pretty sure they are available at the door! Tickets cost £9
which is nothing! So if you want to support some local Glaswegian bands then do your part and go see this band!! I promise
you, that you won’t regret it if you do!

So thanks once again, for reading this post! I know its a little short and probably crap beyond reason, but i really do like and enjoy Monogram very much and I’d be forever grateful if  you guys did give them a listen, now i might be biased as i am from Glasgow and so are they but i really see them going places, so even if you cant make it to their gig tonight, at least give them a little listen! 


Amy xo

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