You’ll Be Begging For Mackle..more!

Ahh, it’s here! The day has come for the release of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s second album together- ‘This Unruly Mess I’ve Made’! It has been a heck of a long time coming with the last release from the pair, ‘The Heist’, being gifted to us back in 2012, all those years ago.

The album is available on iTunes to buy with the tracks ‘Downtown’, ‘Kevin’ and ‘Buckshot’ being the only songs you can buy without getting the full album. Sadly, I don’t have enough memory on my phone to download the full thing – honestly, Apple needs to get it together.

‘Downtown’ is one of the releases on the album which came out on the 27th of August last year. I’ve heard this song many a time and love it to pieces despite still not knowing half the words. I love the video for it, there’s a reason it has over 100 million views. Sadly there’s no big coats in sight although he just about makes up for it with his dapper leather number (those tassels though!) His moose bike is also amazing. I would describe the full video as ‘Uptown Funk’ minus Bruno Mars, it makes for a nice alternative for when you can’t deal with anymore singing about Michelle Pfeiffer, whether she is white gold or not, but still fancy a good dance number.


I would like to say that I like ‘Kevin’ because honestly, who doesn’t love a Kevin, but I’m just not feeling it which is quite upsetting because it’s Macklemore. ‘Buckshot’ however, is a different story. I have a thing for chilled laid back songs and this kind of pushes those buttons. Obviously it isn’t completely chill because at the end of the day it’s still a rap song, but it has a good solid bassline and easy beat which I can relax to.

Also if you have time, another track on the album which was previously released as a free song is ‘Growing Up’. A heart felt piece starring the one and only Ed Sheeran. The song is Macklemore singing to his child and it’s just such a nice, cute song which I’m guessing was inspired by his daughter Sloane.

I can’t recommend enough to even just checking out one of these songs if not the full album. From the songs I’ve heard on iTunes and YouTube, especially after ‘Growing Up’, I myself am an unruly mess.

As always, thanks for reading the ramble,
Zoe xoxo

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