Foxes – All I Need (Album)


On February
5th, Foxes graced us with her new album “All I Need”. Now if you don’t know Foxes she was the vocalist on Zedd’s
popular hit “Clarity” in 2013. More
recently she has had some great hits such as “Body Talk”, “Let Go For
”, “Youth” and ”Wicked Love”.

Now I
have never been the biggest fan of Foxes
but this album has me changing my mind, of all the songs I’ve heard there isn’t
one that I hate or even dislike. They all have the power to possibly turn me
into a huge foxes fan by the end of
this album review…

album itself is a pop powerhouse album with the electronic undertones in the
music. Don’t get me wrong there are some laid back, more chilled songs on the
album. With the different variations of pop songs, it has something on the
album that everyone would like.

I have
three favourites from the album that are all around great songs. I personally am
more into the slowed down, chilled out (sometimes sad song).

my Way”
is a
chilled back and more acoustic song on the album. It’s not necessarily the
lyrics that get to me in this song, it’s the backing instruments and the way
that the piano is being played that makes this song one of my favourites. The
way the backing vocalists sound on this song make it sound more haunting than
it actually is which gives the song a lot more dimension and feel to it, It’s
not just the way the you can hear the emotion in foxes voice that lets you know this isn’t a happy song, everything
in the song adds up and lets you the listener, feel it from the start.

My Cool
” is
essentially the song that makes the album for me. This song is such a feel good
song, right from the beginning. It has the power to be a great song for the summer
(if we get one that is). It reminds me of a Katy Perry type of song. Its also just a song that people would
dance around to while getting ready for a night out, it has the beat that makes
anyone want to get up and dance no matter how bad their dance moves happen to
be. I for one wanted to get up and dance every time i listened to this song, but i didn’t want people to feel inferior from my amazing dance skills…

to me
sounds like the perfect song for anyone who just wants something to be over. It
has such a powerful vocal range and such a powerful meaning that it makes it
such a great tune. Not only is it my favourite song on the entire album but it’s
been added to my favourite songs playlist (and not just any song can make it
into that playlist let me tell you that). I don’t know what it is about the
song that makes me love it so much, but from the moment I heard it I realised “well
okay this is one of my top tunes of 2016 so far”. I don’t know wither it’s the vocals
or the piano or just the song in general but I think if there is one song on
the album that you should listen to its “wicked

So as I
stated at the top, I wasn’t a huge fan of foxes
but here I am declaring my love for her. Her album is fantastic and I’m going
to make it my priority to go back and listen to her last album which I’ve also
heard is great. So if you’re wanting a new album or even a new artist that you’ve
not really heard of before then I suggest going to give the album or just foxes in general a listen. She might
surprise you because I definitely know she surprised me.

for reading!

Amy xx

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