Fancy new music? Lukas no further..

New music Friday.. As someone who has been completely trapped in a world away from radio and new releases (bar the car radio on what seems like ever increasing trips to McDonalds) writing about the latest music is quite daunting, but I’ll give it my best.

It was on one of these adventures to buy myself a share box for 1 (don’t judge, have you had the nuggets, man?) that I heard Lukas Graham on Radio 1’s track of the day. So there I was driving to an absolute tune, stuffing my face with calories – could life get any better? – and you know those songs that just will not get out of your head? Well, that’s Lukas Graham’s new track ‘7 Years’.

This new tune is the epitome of chill, it’s the kind of music that you can listen to over and over and still enjoy it. With a simple beat and some deep lyrics, what’s not to love? The song debuted the UK charts at 29 just at the end of January. In Denmark their home turf, it is a very different story. Back home they’ve hit number 1, although that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering how popular they are – holding a quadruple-platinum for their self-titled debut album.

Lukas Graham also have another 4 singles ‘Drunk in the Morning’, ’Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt 2)’, ‘Mama Said’ and ‘Ordinary Things’ which all saw the four piece hit the top 3 in the charts.

I’m new to these guys but I love the vibes that they give out on their music (especially ‘Drunk in the Morning’ – it’s my spirit animal and my new hangover anthem). If you’re like me and need to hear more from this four piece they have a new album due out in March! Exciting times! You will be able to pre-order it from TODAY.

These guys are definitely worth checking out though, there aren’t many artists that I can play in the flat non-stop all day without anyone getting sick of them, but I could today and even got complaints when the music stopped. I live with a very strictly heavy metal only dude and it was him that got upset when my phone died, cutting out the beautiful vocals of Lukas himself. That just shows you how talented these Danes are. They’re great Danes…

The guys are currently touring round Denmark as we speak and it’s taking all my will-power not to go searching down the back of sofas for coppers in the hopes of gathering enough for a ticket.

Sorry for the ramble but thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

Zoe xoxo

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