Newton Faulkner’s Human Love: The Single Most Underappreciated Album Ever


So in 2015 Newton Faulkner released what I can consider to be one of the albums of the year and hardly anyone knows about it! So let me enlighten you about Newton Faulkner and his Human Love.

If you’re from the UK you’ve probably heard Newton’s music at some point in your life. In 2007 Newton dropped his No.1 debut album Hand Built By Robots. (Unless you were living in some weird darkened hole during 2007 you’ll ken about this album) From this glorious (Actual fucking Magical) album he gave us Dream Catch Me, Teardrop (cover) and my personal favourite Gone In The Morning.  Newton is also known for his absolutely insane/amazing hair. His 85784753-mile-long ginger dreadlocks. (Possibly a slight exaggeration but then again maybe not. They were quite long.)

Then in 2009 he released Rebuilt By Humans and in 2012 Write It In On Your Skin. Both albums charting within the top 10 in the UK and they brought to us songs like Write It On Your Skin, Bricks and If This Is It. Then in 2013 he released Studio Zoo, the last album before Newton Faulkner did a full on 180.

In 2015 Newton changed his sound (and hair) completely. His music now has a much fuller, more modern sound whilst still showcasing his insanely ridiculous musicianship. Watching Newton Faulkner live is a sheer mesmerizing experience. After seeing a live show, you will be left feeling “Was I, as an individual, truly worthy of that performance?” or “That was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen/heard” or you’ll be in tears because you CAN’T EVEN. (It can be proved by this performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. This man got the whole of T in the Park bouncing with just a fucking guitar!)

Anyway, he is no longer performing live as simply one man and his guitar, after 8 years of gigging alone he now has a small band. (Awwwww) The band is made up his brother, Toby and another multi-talented dude also named Toby. And after seeing him on his latest UK tour, I can say that the band works really well. Especially whilst performing the new album. (He was also supported on this tour by a really amazing wee band called Victoria. The harmonies and the music were a strong 16/5. That good. If you ever get a chance to catch this band live, go because they’re fantastic. Also I developed a strong crush on their bassist but that’s a conversation for another day...) So I guess it’s time to talk about the new album Human Love.

The lead single from the album was a cover of Major Lazer’s, Get Free. Personally, I prefer Newton’s version to the original, but that’s just an opinion. The video for Get Free was released back in September and it’s one of the most uncomfortable things i’ve ever watched. Whilst performing the song Newton cuts off almost all of his long af beautiful dreadlocks. (However the hair at this moment in time still looks damn good) I don’t know how others feel about Newton cutting off his hair but I couldn’t cope. (I know it’s only hair but it’s a big deal in this case k) After watching it, I was shocked for like a week straight because it was nothing like he had ever done before. It was actual serious stuff. But not only was I shocked about the hair, I was in complete awe of the new musical direction he was going in. It’s honestly his best material yet.

So in November when the album came out, it almost instantly became my favourite album of the year. I am in (Human) love with this album. Yes, this album is very different from every other one but it came at the right time. His music now includes more and much louder musical elements whilst still incorporating the style he’s known for. Tbh I caN’T ACTUALLY PUT INTO WORDS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS ALBUM BECAUSE I’M QUITE LINGUISTICALLY CHALLENGED BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The best thing you can do is listen to the album.

However, the really sad thing is that not many people know about the album. The people need Human Love in their lives. It’s an utterly sad affair that people have not blessed their ear holes with the sheer tuneage. It has gone underappreciated long enough. You want good music, this is it. I can only put the lack of success down to lack of promotion, however I don’t know the full story behind that issue.

On this album there is some ABSOULUTE BANGERZZZZZZ. For example, Passing Planes, Shadow Boxing, Stay and Take and soooo many more. Please listen to Human Love and pass it on to all your friends (Even if you only have the one friend, be a good friend. Even if you have 58743875 friends, let them know.) You can listen to the album just here on Spotify. Be like Shia, just do it. Now please enjoy (or maybe not fully enjoy because hair) the video for Get Free.

Thanks again for reading my complete word vomit. Sorry for getting sweary, I get quite intense when writing about stuff I feel somewhat strongly about.

Lauren xxxxx

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