So it’s Saturday again and time for me to grace you guy’s with my weekly post. So here are my three gigs that I am looking forward to the most this year.

First up is…

Enter Shikari – 18th of February – O2 Academy Glasgow

Support The Wonder Years

So this will be my first time seeing both of these bands, The Wonder Years I have wanted to see for a while now since my friend told me to check them out a while back but Enter Shikari have grown on me over the past six months and I can truly say that I am frustrated that I did not start listening to them earlier. Lyrically they are beyond geniuses, I personally rarely hear bands that write lyrics on this level. Then it comes down to their music and I’m a sucker for bands that incorporate electronic elements in their music. With the quality of their new album The Mindsweep I can seriously say that I am excited for this gig. I also can’t wait for the possibility of them performing songs off A Flashflood of Colour. Their live shows have been described as something to be reckoned with, stage presence wise as well as their lights and ‘stage show’ so it seems that there is really no fault to pick. Then it comes to my secret but not so secret love of ‘Pop Punk’ bands and The Wonder Years definitely fit this definition. From other peoples comments and videos that I have seen these guys are seriously good live. With their angsty sound and group vocals, Soupy Campbell’s voice definitely helps make the band who they are.  

Here is Enter Shikari performing Quelle Surprise, back in 2012 at a small club show, this is my favourite song of their’s, I seriously cannot put into words how good their live performances look.

Next up is…

Neck Deep & State Champs – 2nd of February – O2 Academy Glasgow 

Support – Creeper & Light Years

Words cannot describe my excitement for this gig, the next nine days cannot go fast enough, I missed out on both bands previous UK tours and disappointed isn’t even a word that could begin to describe how I felt. When I first started listening to Neck Deep their EP got played on repeat and it’s been the same story with the rest of their releases. I feel like their sound has come so far from what is was when Rain In July was released and now when it comes to Life’s Not Out to Get You I would honestly say it is one of my favourite albums. I cannot wait for these songs to be brought to life in front of me and for me to be able to experience first hand the atmosphere that their songs create and the energy that will come from the stage while they are performing. I will be the lame kid sobbing in the middle of the crowd so watch out for me lads. It then comes to State Champs, even writing this I am wanting to run around in circles because of the level of excitement I have, even though I can barely get out of bed for being ill. Now that is dedication kids. I think personally that both of these bands give me that kinda warm fuzzy happiness where you feel like nothing can stop you, there songs make me feel so much better so being able to see these songs live, will truly be an awesome experience. State Champs I have become a fan of more recently within the past year and I can say that all of their albums are boss and everyone needs to be a fan of both these bands.

I will now stop my hyper ramblings and let you guys see for yourselves how good Neck deep are. So here are two of my favourite songs of their’s Citizens of Earth and Gold Steps. Please don’t ask any questions about what Ben Barlow is doing.

Last but definitely not least…

Bring Me The Horizon – 9th of November – The Hydro Glasgow

Support tbc

So here it comes down to me rambling about Bring Me The Horizon again but honestly I can’t get enough of their music, I love all of their music but Sempiternal and That’s the Spirit hold a special place up there with other boss albums. Although I’m not here to talk loads about their albums again, I am here to inform you on what absolute indescribable awesomeness you are missing out on if you haven’t been to one of their gigs. I was speechless the first time I saw them back in 2013 and then I was again November last year. I was lost for words and lost in the atmosphere of their show, it was like I entered one giant party void and then I came out the other side saying to myself did that just happen. From the way Oli hypes up the crowd to the sheer showmanship that goes into their gigs, by the end of their set my lungs burned along with everyone else’s from screaming the words to their songs at the top of my voice. For that moment I was completely lost in the music which sounds hella lame but I am still yet to experience that at another gig. They have something that other bands lack at their live shows and I would honestly always spend every penny I had on going to see them live because every time it is more than worth it.

So my friends here is Throne my favourite song from That’s the Spirit. Just watching their live videos still gives me the buzz that I got from their gig and I promise they are not just my favourite band because they are from my home city.

So this is my very wordy reason as to why I am attending the gigs that I am. I hope you guys enjoy it and I also hope to see some of you guys at these gigs because they are by far more than worth it. 

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