more money to blow on gigs?

Hello there friends!

Now as
you’ve guessed from this week on Club Decode we are getting our chance to write
about a few gigs we are excited to attend in the next couple of months! It’s
fair to say that this year I might be quite skint with the amount of gigs I’ve
got going on. So I’m going to tell you a few I’m super excited to attend in


Bieber- October 27th 2016 SSE Hydro.


If you
guys can’t already tell I am a pretty huge
fan of Justin Bieber. Always have been. So when my best friend Megan surprised me
with tickets for Christmas, I was beyond excited. So on October 27th
I will be rocking out like little 12 year old Amy’s life depends on it.

I can
100% guarantee that this concert will be one worth going to and maybe one of my
favourite ones of 2016 that I have coming up. It’s now not only a place for his
old fans (like myself) to have some nostalgic feelings, but now that he has all
these new fans, it’s a win-win for everyone! I’m pretty sure this concert will
be a dedication to his new album “Purpose
but I hope that he will do some of his old songs, from his older albums. I can
at least guarantee he will be singing “Baby”.
Now I don’t know about you guys but “Purpose
has to be one of the best albums I have ever listened too (amongst all other Bieber
albums but still). I can assure each and every single one of you that the “biebs” will be on his A game. Even if
he decides he wants to be 2 hours late, I will wait to see the “Biebs”. Not only is he very very pleasant to look at but DAMN can the boy sing.

Now if
you’ve not got your tickets for this concert (first off why not??) but its
okay, will be there. I will be both documenting with pictures and hopefully vlogging
the concert for you guys! Now hopefully Justin will love Glasgow and maybe he’ll
be back in the future for all you poor sods who never got tickets. I’ll be the
only one repping Club Decode at this
gig but if you are lucky enough to see me be sure to come say Hi! If you can’t
find me I’d say “ look for the crying 18 year old” but I’m pretty sure a lot of
people will be the same as me.

Now if
what I’ve said hasn’t convinced you in the slightest to go and see Justin Bieber.
Hopefully this live video will. PS how great are his vocals like yes pls!!

Time Low- February 15th 2016 – SSE Hydro



I’m pretty
sure you guys and everyone else I know is sick and tired of me talking about
all time low but I’m really sorry I just can’t help it! Now I’ve counted
(including this concert) this will be my 8th time seeing All Time
Low and I’m really not sorry about it (well I’m sorry for my mum and dad having
to buy me tickets for them all the time). Out of all the concerts and gigs I’ve
been too, without a shadow of a doubt, All Time Low always comes out on top for
me. They make me so happy inside it hurts. I’m thankful for my old friend for
introducing them into my life.

I can guarantee
about 1 million times, this will be in my top 3 gigs of 2016. They might even
come out on top for me. Not only do they have Good Charlotte as a support act (hell yes!!) they also have
thousands of dedicated fans that keep them coming back to Glasgow year in and
year out. Now I’m pretty sure they will be singing most songs off of “Future Hearts” but they will throw in
all the oldies that we love to hear. I’m also hoping since Joel Madden is there
with Good Charlotte, that they will
sing “Bail me out” which if you didn’t
read my top albums of 2015 (I  don’t know
why you didn’t but it’s okay I’ll forgive you) then this was one of my
favourites from the album! Not only is Alex Gaskarth my man crush every day in
life, but his vocals are like angels singing in my ears. To be honest the whole
band is just pleasant for both the eyes and the ears.

Now if
you weren’t lucky enough to snag a couple of tickets for this gig don’t you worry?
As I’m pretty sure there are still a couple of tickets available! I know for definite
I will be there to fill you in with all the going on’s from the gig itself. I
will most definitely be crying during “Therapy
(but come on who won’t be). I will be taking pictures left, right and centre.
Filming so many clips and without a doubt vlogging the whole experience so no
one misses out! I’ll be there having a grand old’ time with some of my best
friends in the whole world. Which for some reason the last time I actually saw
them was at an All Time Low concert how ironic!

Now if
what I’ve said hasn’t convinced you in the slightest to go and see All Time
Low. Hopefully this live lounge video will.

– May 13th 2016 – SSE Hydro



Now I don’t
know about anyone else but Busted
were my childhood! And then when they announced their break up 8 year old Amy
experienced her first heartbreak (Damn you Charlie Simpson).But all was well I got
through it all until they announced McBusted,
que the heart attack! McBusted were
good and all (wasn’t that big of a McFly
fan sorry), but they had nothing on plain old Busted. So in 2015 when the announced they were getting back
together, I’m pretty sure my broken heart was finally mended and I was getting
to see the band that made my childhood what it was once more.

I personally
have waited for this for 10 years (yes
10). I’m pretty sure my little fangirl heart won’t be able to take it, I will
literally be the happiest person in the whole
arena when they come on stage. Now rumour has it they are in the process of
writing a new album, which might be
out before the tour starts or shortly after. Either is fine with me as long as
they plan on playing all the oldies such as “Year 3000, Air Hostess, Glad I Crashed the Wedding and 3am” that I’m
sure all the hard-core Busted fans
have waited to hear live again!! Now I’ll be there weeping like a baby but that
won’t stop me from jamming out like my life depends on it to my favourite
songs. If anyone at the concert sees someone with the worst dancing and lip
syncing known to man then hi, yes that is me and I sincerely apologise for
anyone that ever has to see my atrocious dancing (sorry Megan).

As I’m
the only one from Club Decode going
to this concert, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop with a vlog (hopefully)
and pictures galore!! I’ll be getting to see the guys that started off my
crushes and still are in my crush list. If you cannot make it to the 13th
of May I am sure there are some tickets left, but if not Busted did announce a second date for the Hydro, which also might
have some tickets left for sale.

Now if
for whatever reason this didn’t convince the 8 year old inside of you to go and
see busted then maybe some nostalgic feelings might with this top quality video
from them!


If you’re
running a little low on concerts to attend this year then I really hope this
helped! And if you can get down to some of them, then I highly suggest you do

Now we
are going to have another post of some gigs we think you should attend coming
your way very very soon! We are also going to be reviewing all the gigs that
have been mentioned and hopefully there will be vlogs of not all but most of
the ones we are luckily attending in 2016! If you do happen to have any gig recommendations
that you think we’d enjoy then be sure to drop us an email at
on our Twitter and Facebook (which are linked at the bottom) or even drop
us a message on here! We will be sure to get back to everyone as soon as we

again for reading!

Amy xx

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