How About These Gigs?


Good Morrow,

If you’re anything like us here at Club Decode you’re a wee bit of a gig junkie. Hitting up them music venues left, right and center and frankly, you’re quite skint because of it. Well I’m here to recommend to you some gigs that are most definitely worth saving up them pennies for. 

 PVRIS – O2 ABC- 04 APRIL 2016


I first discovered Pvris in the summer
of 2014, the day the video for St Patrick hit the internet (I’d like to take a
moment of appreciation for the human who retweeted the video onto my twitter
timeline. You absolute gorgeous being you.
) and ever since they’ve been one of
my favourite bands. This isn’t Pvris’ first trip to the UK, they’ve played a
couple shows supporting the likes of Lower Than Atlantis and BMTH, but after 2
years of patiently they are finally doing a UK headlining tour.

I can 10/10 guarantee Pvris’ live show is not going to disappoint. First of all, they’ll be performing
most of, if not all of White
. Now I don’t know about you but White Noise is one of the greatest albums
I’ve ever wrapped my ears around. I’ve pretty much listened to it on repeat
since its release (This can be proved by my Spotify end of year statistics; the
numbers were insane
.) Pvris will be throwing sheer tuneage at you from that
stage. Second of all, Lynn Gunn will be present. Lynn Gunn is the stateside
frontwomen we’ve been waiting for (I say stateside because Marmozet’s Becca
is an absolute queen
.) Her voice is gorgeous. Third of all, they’re
just fvcking cool. Need I say more. If you don’t believe me, please take time
to enjoy the numerous amounts of live videos of Pvris on the youtube. Or even
better get yourself to a Pvris gig.

If you’ve not yet got tickets for Pvris, I’m
afraid I’m here to bring you some sad news. Tickets for the UK tour are entirely
sold out
. But don’t worry Pvris are just getting started, they’ll be back. If
you’re one of the fortunate ones with tickets come say hi to Club Decode and I
at the Glasgow show. You’ll no doubt know it’s us because I’ll be the wee creep
bag in the middle of floor weeping at the sheer sight of Pvris. (Wee bit of an
emotional soul, soz). Or we’ll be the obnoxiously loud squadron with cheap ass matching
T-shirts or something. Now please, enjoy Pvris perform a somewhat incredible live lounge. 



I have a confession to make, I am a HUGE Bryan Adams fan. Ever since I was like 8. Whilst all the other wee 8 year olds were obsessing over Busted and Mcfly, I had Bryan Adams in my portable CD player. (YES A PORTABLE CD PLAYER KIDS) Now 10 years on I FINALLY get to see the dude live. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a gig in my entire life. 

If you’ve never heard of Bryan, this man is responsible for soooooo many hits. Summer of 69, (Everything I do) I do it for you, Heaven, When you’re gone, my personal favourite Can’t Stop This Thing We Started and most importantly he (Alongside Hans Zimmer. Hans I love you) is responsible for the Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron soundtrack. Just the greatest movie of all time. That soundtrack is the soundtrack to end all soundtracks. (listen to it here).

Also in 2015 Bryan released probably the most under appreciated album of the year, Get Up. Its fantastic and in May he’s headed out on a UK Tour to promote the shit out of it. However, I won’t be seeing Bryan on that tour, no, I have chosen the outdoor option in August. In Montrose of all places. Now what could possibly be better than heading out to a muddy ass field in Montrose with your Bpal to listen to Bryan Adams. Hopefully we’re not gonna be the youngest people in that field. Embrace Bryan Adams my fellow teenagers. Tickets are still available here



Model Aeroplanes are a great wee Dundee band that I came across quite late into 2015. (Thank you Spotify Discover) Now it’s pretty weird that I feel a little late on the bandwagon with Model Aeroplanes (Possibly because beingfrom Perth you could say they are fairly local band). But this band is only just getting started! I’m predicting a Catfish and the bottlemen/The 1975 kind of success for these guys and luckily for you, they’re heading out on a UK tour in March so you can catch them live before their absolutely MASSIVE. 

If you don’t believe me when I say Model Aeroplanes are going to be huge, I can prove it with just one song. Club Low. From the very moment I first heard this song I have pestered the living daylights out of my friends, family, colleagues and more by having this song on repeat all day, every day. But you know what? Not a single one of my peers have admitted they don’t love the club low. It’s only the greatest 2 minutes 16 seconds of your entire life. And not only is there Club Low! There’s Deep in the pool, Electricity and more! Trust me you’re going to love this band. 

Not too long back now the Dundonians were signed to Island. Which means more music is indeed on the way! (Let us hope together MA fans, that there’s a tiny chance a studio version of Whatever Dress Suits You Better could be included in the new tuneage. There’s a great void in my life and I can’t help but feel that song is it

So Club Decode are headed out as a collective to checkout Model Aeroplanes at the Caves in Edinburgh and you should be doing exactly the same. But if you can’t make it to Edinburgh they’re also playing in Dundee and Glasgow. So really, you don’t have an excuse to not go see MA. AND tickets aren’t sold out yet and they’re

available right here:

And if I still haven’t managed to convince you to go, maybe this live performance of WDSYB at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend will change your mind. (Also look at the hair game, I’m pretty sure everyone can conclude that that is a pretty strong hair game)

If your gig calendar is looking a little quiet you honestly need to get yourself down to see all of the above. 

But these aren’t the only shows we’ve got coming up. Oh no. In the next week or so we are going to conjure up a gigantour Club Decode gig list. And even better we’re going to review/vlog them for you all! So If you have any recommendations or you want us to come check out you or your band, drop us a message on here, facebook or at

Thanks again for taking the time to read my hellish ramblings. 

Lauren xxxx

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