Art Angels is surprisingly Grimes fourth studio album, I say
surprisingly as I feel a sense of shock at the fact that she is only just
getting heard about now, maybe it’s a different story in the states but over
here in the UK there definitely needs to be more people talking about her. Her
album is experimental, it mixes so many styles together in a way that works
which is something that a lot of artists can never really successfully do, she
is special and that is definitely heard through her music. Once you listen to
this album you will never stop listening to it, it is impossible to resist this
funnily grotesque album. Compared to her earlier albums this is definitely her
best yet, it is the truest representation of her personality, this can
definitely be seen with the videos that were released along with this album,
the videos and album itself are boundary pushing, it’s her most ambitious work
as a producer and an artist to date and I see her picking up a lot of positive
momentum with further releases that appear in the future. No one place can
describe this albums genre which I feel is a fitting description of it on its
own, with most people describing it as Indie along with Electronic, Dance and
Pop. This album will blow your mind so for sure give it a listen….

Blurryface comes as a follow up to vessel released back in 2013, fans went crazy when Blurryface was released May of this year and rightly so. This album blew away all past ideas of Twenty One Pilots and paved the way for their rapidly growing popularity, their past two UK tours have sold out almost instantly. The album mixes so many different styles from reggae to indie, from alternative to electronic, the list is endless. The lead single Fairly Local left everyone chomping at the bit for this album to be released and as soon as it was everyone knew who Twenty One Pilots are and where they are intending to go. I can’t pick one fault with this band, there music is fun, it makes you forget about every other little thing going on in your life for those few moments you listen to each song, it gets you ready to take on anything, without a doubt it they are my battle anthems if there ever was such a thing. If you haven’t listened to this album yet then where the hell have you been, you are seriously missing out on a band who are lyrical geniuses as well as mixing together genres that I didn’t even know would work together. They will forever defy the boundaries of music and I think that is what the industry needs,…

For me to pick one song off the album it was near impossible so here is the first song that I heard that made me love this band.

Bring Me The Horizon will always be one of my favourite bands, there newest release That’s the Spirit I could not contain my excitement for. The long anticipated album sky rocketed upon it’s release shifting three times as many copies as Sempiternal in it’s first week. The album moves further away again from Bring Me’s original aggressive alternative style, with more electronic sounds and sing along arena choruses, the songs create the perfect atmosphere at their gigs. This album has set the scene for Bring Me to continue going from strength to strength, their fan base has grown at a significantly rapid rate and will continue to do so with the quality of the songs that they are releasing. I feel that there are not many things that can be said about Bring Me that have not already been said. They are musical geniuses in their own right. This album is for for sure their best album yet…

This is Kitt signing off, be sure to keep an eye out for our future posts, we thank you for continuing to support our little blog. Next week will see us talking about our most anticipated gigs of 2016 from artists which are sure to bring some amazing things to the table this year…

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