Lauren’s 2015 Picks


Good Hello, 

Welcome to the first ever review from Club Decode. As we were sitting in our Club Decode team huddle I kind of accidentally volunteered myself as tribute to made that one big step for Club Decode kind and throw our first review out into the internet and run. So to start off this sure to be mental journey I have sifted through the collections of tunes that 2015 has bombarded us with to bring you my top 3. 

                                               D.I.D – FAST FOOD 


My first pick from 2015 is Fast Food By D.I.D. So the band came into 2015 no longer referring to themselves as Dog Is Dead but shortened down their name to the snappy little abbreviation ‘D.I.D’. (Now I would like to point out at this point if you’re looking for a little something about the Japanese band D.I.D this is probably not gonna be the review for you, however in no way am I gonna discourage you from reading any further because it just so happens the D.I.D from Nottingham are pretty damn good.) Fast Food is the first release the band have graced us with since “Our Favorite Stories” in 2012 (I also encourage a listen of this album because oh my god) and it’s just unbelievably awesome. Not only is the title track ‘Fast Food’ just the single most melodically and lyrically perfect song ever, I can also relate to the song lyrically on a deep spiritual level. Based solely on the fact all I do is eat fast food and do stuff that means nothing.

Then we move on to ‘Gameplan’ and ‘Hotel’ which both possess some insane instrumental workings and I don’t even have a word that is worthy of describing the vocals because you could literally listen to the guy’s voice for days on end. (I honestly feel spending 72 hours of your life appreciating Robert Milton’s voice would be time well spent.) And finally the EP is wrapped up by ‘Big Lie’ which can only be described as a 3 and a bit minute epic crescendo. Starting off with just some vocals and finishing with some beautiful huge noise about lies. The song is complete absolute fantasticness. 

Now please take some time and listen to this EP because I can 10/10 guarantee you’ll mclove it. I’m just gonna place the video for Fast Food here. Warning: It may or may not put you off your Greggs sausage roll for lyf 

                                              KLOE – TOUCH 


Now you may not have heard much about Kloe yet but you most certainly will soon because OH MY GOD is this lassie from the Ggow away to annihilate the music world. The best way to describe Kloe’s music is the Scottish version of Lorde but honestly this girl doesn’t need any comparisons because she is in a league of her own. Not only is she a really talented singer/songwriter, she also comes across as a straight talking really fucking cool person with really nice hair. (My god do we appreciate the hair goalage

Now if you’re anything like me as soon as you hear Touch it’ll become your ultimate car tune and you’ll be swinging from them rooftops in no time. And if you’ve been a Kloe fan for a wee while you’ll know about the just as amazing past releases ‘Feel’ and ‘Grip.’ (You’ll also remember that heartbreaking day Feel was taken off spotify and you could no longer cut about town blasting it from your car playlist and kinda cried into your steering wheel instead) But it’s all ok! Because Grip and Feel are both still available on youtube or soundcloud for your listening pleasure. AND not only that, Kloe is coming out with new music soon and I have absolutely no doubts she’ll be throwing out tune after tune. 

Also make sure if you’re headed down to The Great Escape, like us here at Club Decode, you’ll be going to see Kloe. Making sure you’re front row singing your pure wee heart out. So here’s the video for Touch, one listen and you’ll be in love.

                                                   JOJO – TRINGLE


Mind JOJO from 10 years ago?!?! She had her hit single Leave (Get OUT) at just 13 years old and then Too Little Too Late at 15. Well for the past 10 years JOJO has been at war with her record label and in 2015 she rose from the turmoil and gave to us her Tringle. As a long time JOJO fan, when I first heard her Tringle I almost couldn’t deal and cried (Yup Lauren wept.) Her Tringle is probably the single greatest and beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me. (It’s been a long ass 10 years without you JOJO) 

The first single from Tringle was When Love Hurts. Its an absolute club anthem that you can cut the most serious of shapes to. It also showcases the earth shattering vocal ability that this lady is known for. Then the second song on the EP is Save My Soul. It’s personally my favorite song off the EP and I strongly believe that Save My Soul is the most underrated song of 2015 , it should be everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I’ve spent many a night sitting staring into space listening to it. I mean this song needs your undivided attention so you can appreciate the sheer beauty of it and wallow in it. So give this song your undivided attention and love it. 

Then finally the EP is rounded off with Say Love. The best thing about this song is the insane vocals. Like how does she sing like that?!?! It’s mental. At the end of the song she sings the chorus acapella and hits you right in them feels. Next thing you know you’re sitting in a tesco carpark with tears down your face because you’ve lost the ability to even. 

But don’t let the fact this EP will cause you complete emotional devastation put you off. You need this EP. Trust me. The video for Save My Soul was dropped a couple of days ago so here’s a few minutes of Jojo and some pals on a couch in the desert.It’s all very beautiful. 

So thanks pals for reading through my ramblings to see my top picks of 2015. It was tough to narrow it down to 3. (Broken Hands, Newton Faulkner, James Bay, CHVRCHES, Blossoms, The Lapelles, Sahara, Bryan Adams, November Lights, Saint Raymond, Model Aeroplanes, Man of Moon, The Van T’s, Flyte I swear I still love your tunage)

And Lucy will be blessing your interfaces with her top picks on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Lauren xxxx 

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